Briefs & Trunks

Pack Of 2 Sloggi Maxi Briefs ME015 £27.00
Pack Of 2 Cellular Trunks ME047 £16.00
Pack Of 3 Knitted Boxer Short With Stretch. ME207 £15.00
Jockey 3 Pack Classic Y-Front ME044 £24.00
Blue White Charcoal
Pack Of 5 Plain Assorted Cotton Briefs ME224 £20.00
Assorted White
Jockey Midway Y Front ME208 £15.00
White Navy
Pack Of 5 Cotton Mixed Briefs ME212 £20.00
Blue Wine
Pack Of 2 Jockey Knitted Boxer Short ME222 £18.00
Black White
Pack Of 3 Stretch Trunk ME264 £30.00

At Pegasus our briefs, boxers and trunks are designed with comfort in mind, they breathe well and help you feel fresh all day long. We have a great selection of brands including Pringle, Jockey and Farah for you to choose from, so come and take a look today.

Whether you’re travelling, being active, doing something more leisurely or relaxing at home our men’s briefs are practical, comfortable and supportive. Our smooth finishes and cotton material will ensure you are left feeling snug and content, whatever you’re wearing on top.

Men’s trunks are a vital everyday clothing item and here at Pegasus we have many styles and colours to suit everyone. We have a wide range of briefs, trunks, Y-fronts and boxers, so no matter what style you prefer, we have it all. That’s not all, they can be bought as single or in packs of 2, 3 or 5 to keep your collection topped up. Our entire range is machine washable, meaning they are easy to look after. By wearing our men’s trunks you will able to carry on your day in both style and comfort.

Order with us online or by phone with our helpful call centre team – it’s extremely important to us that our customers are always happy, so no matter what you order, should you decide to change your mind, we offer returns, full refunds and exchanges - we look forward to hearing from you today.

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