The New Season - Autumn 2018
Quetzal Green

A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage perfect for the autumn period. A great harmonizer and often described as a restful shade quetzal green will keep you relaxed. Pair with a nice pair of jeans for that perfect daytime look. 

Russet Orange

A colour that has been crowned one of the top autumn colour trends of 2018 and the hottest colour in your wardrobe. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit, Russet Orange will have you standing out from the crowd with its liveliness.

Red Pear

What other shade to describe this autumn better than Red Pear. The perfect representation of romance, the Red Pear colour is so fashionable this season it will be impossible not to find that perfect item of clothing you want to wear. 

Sargasso Sea

The best dark blue for the upcoming season and a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. This colour has infinite possibilities and can be paired with any colour to give you a fashionable look time after time. This concept of blue is tranquil and constant, meaning it will never go out of fashion.

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